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Deadline is Aug. 1 to register for the fall eSports season

July 19, 2021

High school students playing video games as an official high school sport. It's a real thing.

The deadline to register for the fall season of the Iowa High School eSports Association is Aug. 1. First-time teams can only play one title per season their first year. Both a JV and Varsity team can be formed for each title played. Just like traditional high school sports, eSports has a built in code of conduct. Promoting positive health habits is also built into the program. Some students that start play in high school go on and play in college (locally, Buena Vista University is signing up students to play for their team).

Fall Season

Smash Bros., 5 person team, Switch

Rainbow 6 Siege, 5 person team, PC

Winter Season

Overwatch, 6 person team, PC

Rocket League, PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch

Spring Season

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 6 person team, Switch

Smite, PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch

All the information needed to get started can be found here:

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