Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency


The Prairie Lakes AEA Business Office is committed to making the agency a leader in Iowa school services by accurately reflecting the agency's financial position and providing quality, efficient accounting services that support learning for all students.nancial transparency.
The agency is fully accredited by the Iowa Department of Education and is subject to periodic monitoring by the state to ensure continued compliance with accreditation standards.  Accordingly, the agency has a strong interest in showing how agency monies are spent in the pursuit of a quality education for all students in its districts.  Consolidating materials on this web page is an important step toward even greater financial transparency.
We invite you to become familiar with the agency’s operations and financial performance by clicking upon an area of interest.

How are Iowa Area Education Agencies Funded?

AEAs have three major sources of funding: school foundation aid, federal funds, and state categorical funds. The school foundation aid and federal funds make up approximately 90 percent of the entire agency's budget.

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