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Early Literacy Implementation


What is 279.68? (a.k.a. Early Literacy Implementation)

The major focus of ELI (279.68) is ensuring all students are proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade.          

What are the major components of 279.68?

  • Universal screening in reading for grades K-3
  • For students with a substantial deficiency* in reading:
    • Progress monitoring
    • Intensive instruction, including 90 minutes a day of scientific, research-based reading instruction
    • Notice to parents:
      • The student has a substantial deficiency
      • Strategies the parents can use to help the child succeed
      • Student progress reports
      • Retention if the student is not proficient by the end of third grade, did not attend the summer program, and does not qualify for a good cause exemption

Guidance Documents

  Iowa Department of Education Early Literacy Implementation Website

  Early Literacy Implementation Guidance Document (August 2016)

  Preschool/Kindergarten Guidance Document (November 2014)

  Approved Literacy Assessments

  Guidance - Students with Substantial Deficiencies (January 2015)

  Early Literacy Intervention Review (Updated April 2016)

  Collaborative Inquiry Questions (version 2.1)

  Action Plan Template

Parent Letters

  Substantially Deficient Letter to Parents

  Parent Contract for students identified as substantially deficient

  Title 1 - ELI Parent Contract

  School & Family Partnership Letter

  Director Buck's letter to Parents - Fall 2014

  Iowa Reading Research Center's Informational Parent Letters for FAST assessments

Iowa TIER & FAST Resources

  FAST & IGDI Benchmarks (Updated August 24, 2015)

  aReading Score Interpretation Guides:

                  Interpreting aReading Scores

                  aReading Score Interpretation

  ORAAs (fidelity checks)

earlyReading 1 minute measures ORAA

earlyReading open-ended measures ORAA


  Submitting Trouble Tickets

  Setting Up A&A Accounts

Video addressing basic A&A Setup

Video addressing common A&A problems

  Directions to set up data flow to Iowa TIER

  Adding TIER Roles - JMC Users

  Adding TIER Roles - Infinite Campus Users

  Adding TIER Roles - PowerSchools Users

  Required Data Entry for TIER 2014-2015

  TIER Training Site (Training Only)

  Updated aReading Setup Instructions (4/22/15)

Iowa TIER Intervention/Progress Monitoring Resources


Non-FAST Reporting

Upload Non-FAST Assessments

Iowa TIER Non-FAST Layout

Link to DE Webinar from February 19

ELI SD Reporting for Schools Not Using FAST


ELI Webinars from the Iowa Department of Education

PLAEA ELI Support Documents

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