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What is HEART?

HEART is a large-scale student assessment data system developed as a free service by Heartland Area Education Agency. HEART stands for Heartland Educational Assessment Resource Toolbox.

What kind of data does HEART hold?

HEART was designed to hold district-wide assessment data.  It is designed to import data directly from a variety of formats, including ITBS/ITED, Iowa Collaborative Assessment Modules (ICAM), and Northwest Evaluation Association's Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP). Other data can be imported once placed into a standard import format.  A new behavior module is set to debut this fall.  This module stores student behavior referrals which can then be analyzed.

Who manages HEART?

Prairie Lakes AEA runs the HEART application on a local server.  The AEA takes care of importing data, keeping the system running, and providing training and support for our schools.  Each participating district responsible for managing access and training their own staff on using the system and providing data prepared for importing.  Heartland supports the AEA and provides development of the system.

Who do I contact about HEART?

Each participating district establishes a HEART administrator, and he/she is the first person to contact for questions in the district.  If you have questions about how to use the data contained in HEART, the AEA collaborative team members partnering with your district should be able to help.

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HEART resources from Heartland AEA

Heartland AEA has developed a number of resources that can be accessed at their Website, including the on-line manual.

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