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Print Request Forms

  • Fill in today’s date and the date needed. Please do not use ASAP as a date. Place your purchase order number if you use one.

  • Fill in the school/location, route number, building number, bill to and ship to. Be sure to indicate if the billing is self or school-billed.

  • Fill in the requested by: teacher etc… (name), e-mail, and work and home phone numbers in case we have a question about your order. (If we are unable to contact you the job will be placed on hold).

  • Fill in authorized by and their title.

  • Next Under “Job Information” Please include a title of the job. (i.e. “Evaluation Form”).

There are 4 form options, (see their descriptions below) please choose the correct form for your request.

If your items are copyrighted please attach the copyright releases to the request form:
Prairie Lakes AEA follows all laws regarding copyrights, and cannot print your order without a copyright release.

General Print Request Form

Use this form to request print jobs that would be 12” X 18” or smaller. It is important to send a hard copy of the item that is to be reprinted even if you send an electronic copy to ensure the correct copy is being printed.


Poster-Banner-Lamination Request Form

Use this form for jobs larger than 12” x 18” such as custom poster or banners, PWIM posters, z-prints, LAP posters as well as paper requests and miscellaneous purchases.


Video Production & Duplication Request Form

Use this form for video job requests.                                                                                                                            


Die Cut Request Form

This form should be used when ordering Ellison cuts. Included on this form are all the alphabet and bulletin board characters.


You may send the form(s) through the van mail attention: Print & Productions Pocahontas AEA office R7 B97, fax to 712-335-5870 or e-mail Jenifer Krischel.

The print shop staff will make every attempt to complete your work order by the requested date. Orders requiring graphic design work, proofs and extensive bindery work may take longer to complete. 

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