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Instructional Posters

We have hundreds of original images in stock that are classroom-ready and may be reproduced. Our standard image size is 19”x24.” The Instructional Poster catalog which displays all available images, is available by clicking on the links below. We also have a hard copy version that is available upon request.

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We use 20-pound bond paper that is available in many colors, including white, blue, yellow, green or pink.

For more information please contact:

Jenifer Krischel, 712-335-3588 ext. 2060 or 866-540-3858 ext. 2060

Prices are:

Paper Size White Paper Pastel Paper
19 x 24 $.42 $.58
24 x 31 $.68 $.94
28 x 36 $.91 $1.26
36 x 46 $1.50 $2.07
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