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Lamination provides a simple inexpensive means of protection for posters, pictures, bulletin board materials, game boards or almost any light flat material. This service is available for K-12 schools and their staff. Lamination is done with a heat sensitive transparent film which is permanently bonded to both sides of your material.

Lamination Weights

  • 1.5 ml (26” wide), 3 ml (24-61” widths),
  • 5 ml (12” wide) and 10 ml (12” wide).

1.5 ml is used the most and is available in a gloss finish. This film is 26” wide and 25¢ a running foot with a $2 minimum.

5 ml film is offered at a cost of 75¢ per running foot and is 12” wide. (It is especially nice for game pieces and cards!)

10 ml film is used primarily for I.D. badges or materials that require a very heavy layer of protection. It is $1 a running foot and is 12” wide.
Br /> 3 ml is available in both gloss and satin finish from widths of 24-61”. 3 ml gloss is great for flash cards and other items that are handled frequently. The 3 ml satin film is used for jobs where a more finished look is desired such as enlarged photos and posters.

Call for the cost of your particular project.

To download the form for lamination services click here. For more information on lamination services or question about your lamination job contact Jenifer Krischel  or Kelli Miller.

Helpful hints when sending items for lamination

Put your name or initials and school name on each of the pieces being laminated. This will help us return the items to their proper owner if they get separated from the job ticket.

Allow one-week production time.

Please remember to completely fill out the paperwork, including your work and home phone, preferred billing (self or school) and route and building numbers. This will enable us to contact you with any questions, as well as ensure the materials are returned to you.

What WILL NOT go through the lamination machines:

  • Paper clips
  • Heavy Glitter
  • Staples
  • Coins
  • Raised scrapbook embellishments
  • Paper clasps
  • Anything metal!
  • Materials thicker than 1/16 in.

It’s better to laminate first and add decorative items later.

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