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Digital Resources

Online Media Resources – Media resources, including eResources, are provided by and made available to school educators and AEA employees employed by accredited private and public schools within the fourteen counties served by Prairie Lakes AEA.  These resources are provided electronically and are available 24/7/365.  The two major resources are:

Iowa AEA Online 

Mackin VIA - for ebook resources including StarWalk Kids Media as well as CyberSmarts and Teen CyberSmarts
For descriptions of the various databases comprising Iowa AEA Online and for information on Mackin VIA, see related documents. 

Logging In to Iowa AEA Online and Mackin VIA  -  User names and passwords for Iowa AEA Online and Mackin VIA (for e-books) are generic building passwords for all students and staff.  Contact your district/building Teacher-Librarian, or Harriet Adams  - -  for assistance with user name/password questions.  Another option is to call Lending Library at 800-594-9494 or 712-335-3588, extension 2051.

Iowa AEA Online Lesson Plans – A collection of lesson plans that incorporate use of various Iowa AEA Online databases is located at:   Lessons can be searched and teachers can also share their lesson plans at this site.

Promoting Iowa AEA Online – Iowa AEAs have developed a variety of material to help promote Iowa AEA Online to students, teachers, parents, board members, and the community.  Examples of resources provided are school website graphics, letter to parents (in English and in Spanish,) parent flyers, news release, etc.    For further information, go to:

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