Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

Meeting Notes from 2016-2017

9.6.2016- Everything TLC-Lively discussions about teacher and administrator  support programs as well as PLAEA's support for your districts.

10.9.2016- Assessments

11.1.2016- Legislative Conversations-Our statewide lobbyists have ben invited as well as some of our local legislators. 

12.2016-No meeting

1.10.2017- Negotiations-How do we make "it" work for everyone involved?

2.1 & 2.2.2017- Legislative Retreat in Des Moines (all AEAs in the state are participating)

3.7.2017- ELI & Summer School-Are we making progress?  What can we learn from one another?

4.4.2017-Hot Topics from Des Moines- De Director Ryan Wise

5.2.2017- Innovation Showcase 7.0


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