Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency

Meeting notes from 2015-2016



9.2.2015 Topic: Dr. Scott McLeod-How can we manage the 3 big SHIFTS in education today?

10.7.2015 Topic: DT Magee BOEE ; Clemencia Spizzirri- Teacher of the Year

11.4.2015  Topic: Matt Townsley, Solon-Are Grades a true reflection of a student's learning?

12.2.15 Topic: Dave Tilly, How successful are we being in preparing our students to be College & Career ready?

1.5.16 Topic: Angela Maiers: "What does every child need from us?"  "Every child needs a champion."

3.1.16 Topic

4.5.16 Topic: "How do we tap into every child's genius so they can share it with the world?"

5.3.16 Topic: Innovation Showcase

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